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Life Time Mortgages

Best Equity Release Advice Services or a Lifetime Mortgage no longer has the fear factor of the past. Being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and receiving the right advice means that customers can be assured that a Prosper Home Loans adviser will give good quality advice.

Borrowing into retirement is now becoming acceptable and in some cases a necessity as people are living longer with a lower standard of living when they reach retirement. As you get older you do not want to give up your home and down size to help pay off an old Best interest only mortgage deals UK or Best Interest Only Mortgage Rates Uk for the things that you hoped to do in retirement like a world cruise or holiday of a life time.

A Lifetime Mortgage or Equity Advice Release Product could be the solution. This is why we offer a free initial consultation with one of our qualified Career Advisers and they will explain the pros and cons of a lifetime mortgage before any recommendation. They will encourage that you discuss or include your family members in the process. There are a number of reasons someone might need or desire a Lifetime Mortgage

  • To pay off an old interest only mortgage when the mortgage term is coming to an end.
  • You might need essential repairs or adaptations as you become older.
  • Helping your children or grand children raise a deposit so they can buy a home.
  • Clearing debt with no monthly payments.
  • Interest Only Mortgage Deals Uk
  • Buy a new car or have a holiday of a lifetime.
  • Helpful for Interest Only Mortgage Deals
  •   Best Fixed Interest Only Mortgage Rates
  • To help support your retirement.
  • Help move home to a more suitable property
  • You can have cash for any legal reason.

To discuss or find out more information please ring Prosper now and speak to an adviser.

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