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Mortgage Transfers

Mortgage Transfers

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Most people, when they accept a mortgage facility, will be offered a special interest rate, which will last for a fixed number of years. Typically,  this will be either 1, 3 or 5 year terms.

When your mortgage deal ends, you then automatically go on to the lender's standard variable rate. To avoid staying on the standard variable rate, you can either negotiate another fixed mortgage deal with your existing lender, or you can arrange a product transfer to a different lender.

Generally, you are not able to do this without a mortgage broker/intermediary. 

We are able and happy to help you with product transfers and won't even charge you a fee! There are no legal fees involved, no application, it's simply a re-negotiation of a better fee for you. 

With Prosper Home Loans you are in good hands as we will look after your interests and you can benefit from our experience for the lifetime of your mortgage.
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