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Reasons to Take Out a Life Insurance Policy

It is an unfortunate truth that there is only one thing certain in life, death. The question we all want answering is "When?”. As we don't know the answer to this question what can we do to soften the blow to our family members?

We are able to advise you on how to stop your family from suffering financially.

There are different reasons for life insurance but to list a few:

  • To pay off debts i.e. mortgages, loans.
  • To give your family an income.
  • To cover children’s expenses i.e. university.
  • To replace a spouse’s income.
  • To buy a business partners share.
  • To pay final expenses i.e. funeral costs.
  • To pay off estate taxes i.e. inheritance tax.

For the majority of people possibly including yourself a house will be your biggest purchase. This is not only a financial attachment but an emotional one. Do you not feel that if you were to pass away that your partner and/or children should not have to lose the house because without your income they cannot afford to make the mortgage payments along with other house hold bills?

With a basic joint life cover this would be prevented, giving a lump sum to the survivor which could clear the mortgage and enable your family to keep your home.

This type of insurance can be very cheap if you take it out early in life. How much would you pay to make sure your family never lost their home?

We set up life policies free of charge for our clients and search the whole of the market to get you the most suitable coverage.

Please don't hesitate to contact us and we can provide you with some quotes for this service.

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