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Get An Agreement In Principle

Know your budget - get an Agreement in Principle

We would always recommend that you look at your finances and speak to a mortgage advisor before you start looking for a home, especially if you are a first time buyer.

The first thing you need to know when you are thinking of buying a property is what price range you can afford, how much a lender will be prepared to lend you and how much it will all cost, including surveyors and solicitors.

When you are out looking at homes for sale, the estate agent is likely to ask you whether you have a mortgage in place. This is one way for them to ensure a client is serious about buying a property, before they make the effort of showing them around properties for sale. Having an agreement in principle therefore puts you in a strong position with the estate agent and, if you find the property of your dreams, it can also boost your negotiation position because you are ready to go!

Make us your first port of call so you can find exactly the home that fits your budget. It won't take much of your time - we are able to get an agreement in principle very quickly for you, it takes between 1 hour - 24hrs.

Once your agreement is in place, we can even help you to negotiate the purchase price of the property on your behalf. We always work in your interest and can help and offer advice on property prices too and help with negotiations.

There is no commitment at this stage but you have the safety net of having an agreement in principle with a lender. A conversation at the end of which you will know whether your dream will come true.

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