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Home Improvement

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Many people think about a remortgage because they want to improve their home or property.

Remortgaging can raise money for a new kitchen or a new fancy bathroom. Your remortgage could be used for a new extension to your home or a loft conversion, for example.

Lenders look on this type of remortgage favourably because you are spending money on increasing the value of your home. 

This will reassure a lender that there will probably be more value in the home rather than less in the long term. The other big benefit is that the increase in value will not attract any tax liability if your property is your home!

Caution - Items like a hot-tub or solar array don't count as home improvements. 

Our experience will help us identify which lender to approach on your behalf to ensure that you are able to improve your home or property, quickly, easily and with the least fuss! 

If you have an excellent rate deal and don't want to change your current mortgage, or if you are tied in to a deal and would have to pay penalties, you are able to arrange a 2nd charge secured loan with another lender until the current deal ends.

Whatever your situation, if you want to improve your home and need to raise some money,  talk to us!
Just got the keys to our new house! It wouldn't have been possible without your help
Mr M Deeson from Hastings

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